I'm hoping to get the one web server we still have on a cert we have to pay for switched over to Let's Encrypt, and so I cloned the server in question to a spot instance.

The server in question is an EC2 instance running Amazon Linux (not Amazon Linux 2), with a Bitnami Trac/SVN stack on it, and Tomcat 8 installed independently of the Bitnami stack.

To clone it, I created an AMI from the most recent backup snapshot, and then launched a spot instance from that AMI.

Once the test instance spun up, when I was finally able to connect to the Tomcat server on it, I found that (1) it had been updated, (2) the ROOT context had been partially overwritten with the default ROOT context, and (3) the manager context had been returned to the "factory" disabled state.

To coin a phrase, "What just happened?"

Can anybody shed any light on this?


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