while in kinderGarten I was informed   

        that the datastream  or what is known in modern times as the URL is
divide up in three parts 
 HEAD contains destination and origin  IP address 

        BODY  contains the data index.html 

        TAIL checksum –  the total number of bytes in the BODY. For
developer to checksum non got lost on the way. 
        TOR Network 

        The TOR a consumer protection programme works only with one part of
the URL. 

        The HEAD. 

        Once the URL arrives in the  TOR network the origin IP address is
extracted and the local ip origin is replaced.   

        So then the website cannot track the origin of the IP. 

        Unless you are dumb enough to login into the website.
        URL is then sent back to TOR because of IP address given to website
by TOR in URL 

        On return  from website to TOR the IP  is again replaced with its 
local TOR ip   

        with the original IP so it can find itself back home. 
        Tomcat has been given access to the  URL body but not the URL HEAD. 

        For apache tomcat to give access to martha fockers like the pony tail
and his employers

        and the longest troll.
        is a clear violation and abuse of  privilege and consumer protection.

 That is what you are stand accused of  what say you ? 

        How do  you plead  guilt or not guilty ?

        Masters of Industrial Strength Software
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