I am trying to migrate from 7.0.73 to 9.0.36 and facing challenges.

Java version and operating system version remains same in both cases.

I have carefully reviewed the configurations and everything looks ok. Version 9 does not report any problems when starting the application either in catalina.out file or in the application log file.

Applications has bunch of JSP pages which sit under WEB-INF/jsp/pages directory and some of these pages include fragments from WEB-INF/jsp/fragments directory. In the older version V7 this works correctly, but in V9 I get error about include not not found. Page do get resolved correctly, but includes do not.

Given only change is tomcat version as it's same WAR file deployed on same operating system and same java version, I am thinking I am missing some basic change in tomcat JSP lookup for version 9.

Can anyone please point me what I can be doing wrong or what I need to do so that same WAR file works in both versions



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