Can anyone clarify on how to configure Tomcat 8.5 to serve an external
executable? The CGI-HowTo documentation is VERY unclear to me.

So let's say I have an application installed under 'c:\myApp' that provides
a CGI executable 'c:\myApp\cgi\myapp.exe' now how do I configure Tomcat to
have requests to http://localhost/myApp to call the c:\myApp\cgi\myapp.exe


I tried to add a context.xml file named myapp.xml to
{TOMCAT_BASE}\conf\catalina\localhost with following content:


<Context displayName= "myApp" docBase="C:\myApp\cgi\" path="/myApp"
reloadable="false" privileged="true" swallowOutput="true"



But that doesn't seem to work, it will try to download the myapp.exe file.


Any instructions are welcome. 


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