On 24/06/2020 17:25, tomcat-s...@stiprus.com wrote:
> I have a web application which is failing in RestEasy initialization with an 
> NPE. It worked for many years until I added a large number of jar 
> dependencies because of a new development effort. I've debugged the code by 
> stepping through the Tomcat source to the point I've found where it is 
> failing. It seems to be a Tomcat bug but of course I'm not convinced since it 
> is highly more likely it is my problem.
> Tomcat version is 9.0.36, though the failure happens in the Tomcat 8 versions 
> I've tried as well.
> The NPE is triggered by a single "return null" statement in 
> org.apache.catalina.core.ApplicationContext line 933. Below is a code snippet 
> of where the return statement is. In my failing scenario the wrapper is NOT 
> null and isOverridable is already returning false. So it falls through to 
> return null.
> So here is my question: Why in the world in the code below does the return 
> null statement even exist?

Because the Servlet API methods it supports are documented to return
null if:

...this ServletContext already contains a complete ServletRegistration
for the given servletName


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