On 28.06.20 19:50, Jürgen Weber wrote:
>>>> I would like to know how to encrypt and decrypt the database password in
>>>> context.xml when the application is running which also allow me to change
>>>> the db password for the purpose of security.
>> https://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/display/TOMCAT/Password
> Well, I know a chief open source app server that has the password to
> decrypt all passwords buried in its open source, and I know auditors
> who are good if root cannot read passwords at first sight. The
> reasoning behind that is that running java -jar someappserverlib.jar
> -decrypt is a deliberate act that a god guy root does not do. So a
> hidden password is a step better, even if not in the cryptographic
> sense.

Hi Jürgen,

I don't get your point here. Are you arguing that the linked wiki
article is incorrect, insufficient or invalid?

Because I believe that the article documents how to implement everything
that you describe on your own, and gives arguments for why this is not
implemented out of the box.



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