I am sorry, but any ideas how to approach this? I have eliminated the 
possibility that the client is dropping the connection so it must be something 
within IIS/Win. Switching to keep_alive=true and 
HSE_REQ_SEND_RESPONSE_HEADER_EX did not make a difference.

In the logs, occasionally I  see a variation:

start_response::jk_isapi_plugin.c (1082): HSE_REQ_SEND_RESPONSE_HEADER_EX 
failed with error=1229 (0x000004cd)

one time there was

iis_write::jk_isapi_plugin.c (1283): Vector write of chunk encoded response 
failed with 1229 (0x000004cd)

which means the send response headers succeeded before writing the chunk. The 
responses are generated in relatively good time so timeouts are ruled out...

All things point to connID being dropped/invalid but I can put a finger on 
anything. The only thing I that pops on Google is an old post about having to 
adjust responseBufferLimit=0 in IIS that might cause those errors. I think I 
have ruled out external firewall/intermediary dropping the connection on the 
client side. I know they have FIPS enabled on the Windows side but I cannot 
imagine that would make a difference. Calls to other virtual directories under 
that site do not exhibit this behavior. Interestingly the same is observed 
under othe OSes (Windows Server 2012) procured with their scrips...

Any help/ideas is much appreciated....


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Thanks all for the responses. It is on AWS VM machine that I don't have access 
to. I've googed the crap of x57 but besides some Bugzilla report from Adobe 
that seemed unrelated nothing good comes out of Google. x57 as Mark said is bad 
parameter and it is a generic error meaning either the p->lpEcb->ConnID is 
invalid or something is wrong with the headers or their sizes. Also chunking is 
off so keep-alive is JK_FALSE. I can try to enable the chunking to see if I can 
fork the execution into the HSE_REQ_SEND_RESPONSE_HEADER_EX call on 
jk_isapi_plugin.c#1066 and if it would make a difference. The headers from TC 
on the 302 response are pretty vanilla and I cannot imagine headers+sizes are 
wrong which leaves p->lpEcb->ConnID. I have omitted the actual binary dump of 
the AJP message because it is from a customer and didn't want to disclose their 
hostname but I can obfuscate it and post it if we think it is related to the 

For now forking into the _EX call is the only idea I have to explore...

Asked to procur another VM image in case something is wrong with IIS but it is 
a problem for them...

Any ideas on how to even approach this are much appreciated...


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On 23/06/2020 16:35, Christopher Schultz wrote:
> On 6/23/20 11:32, Mark Thomas wrote:
>> On 23/06/2020 16:20, Christopher Schultz wrote:
>>> George,
>>> On 6/22/20 17:13, George Stanchev wrote:
>>>> We are getting HSE_REQ_SEND_RESPONSE_HEADER failed with
>>>> error=87 (0x00000057) on a 302 redirect proxied by TC connector 
>>>> 1.2.46.
>>> Windows error 0x00000057 is ... "Cannot connect to printer"???
>> Not sure where you found that. 0x57 is "Invalid Parameter"
> Yeah, it sounded weird. Searching Google for "windows 0x00000057" (at 
> least here in the US) gives a million pages about errors connecting to 
> printers, like this one which is the top-hit for me with expanded
> explanation:
> https://appuals.com/fix-printer-error-0x00000057/
> "
> Error 0x00000057 is a printer related error on Windows which does not 
> allow the user to add the printer. This error is usually due to 
> corrupt drivers previously installed and the permission issues. ...
> The 1st one would delete the driver and the second method would be to 
> copy the driver from a working computer.
> "
> I don't have a "perror" program for Windows handy right now, so I just 
> tried Google :/

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