I am trying to configure Tomcat in a way that it makes SCI scan only in
jars I explicitly specify to. I followed instructions from
https://tomcat.apache.org/tomcat-8.5-doc/config/jar-scan-filter.htm, in
both Tomcat 8 and 9, but with no success. I posted a question on
stackoverflow that explains more in detail what I did:

And I also found other unanswered questions pointing to the same problem,
here is one example:

The thing is that it is looking like an error to me because logs tells that
scanning is done as configured — if I add a jar for scanning in
JarScanFilter, the log show it is scanned, if I remove it, the log stop
reporting it's scanning — but after that, no matter what configuration I
made with JarScanFilter, the WebappServiceLoader loads servlet annotated
classes, such as @WebListener.

Any leads? Ideas? Anyone can confirm if that is an error or if I am using
the functionality wrongly or if I understand it wrongly.


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