On 10/20/20 13:35, James H. H. Lampert wrote:
> We had a Tomcat crash on a customer box, a few hours ago (a simple
> restart got them back up and running), and it produced a whole bunch of
> errors in the general vein of
>> *** Invalid JIT return address 00000006E2E2E400 in 00000001A83C5210


> before finally failing with a null pointer exception, and producing a
> Java dump, a Snap dump, and a JIT dump, all over the course of a couple
> of seconds.
> Prior to that, our webapp was having a great deal of trouble accessing
> Office365.

Via HTTP(S) or via some native API?

> Other than that it's almost certainly our webapp, rather than Tomcat
> itself, that caused the "Invalid JIT return address" messages, does
> anybody here have any insights? I've literally never seen messages of
> this type before.

It's more likely to be a JVM bug than anything in your code.
Theoretically, it should not be possible to cause a JVM to crash with
pure Java code.


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