Any tentative time line when fix will be available in 9.0.X release ?


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Subject: Re: Trouble with HTTP/2 during concurrent bulk data transfer (server 
-> client)

On 17/06/2021 09:26, Mark Thomas wrote:

> I think I might have found one contributing factor to this bug. I need 
> to run a series of tests to determine whether I am seeing random 
> variation in test results or a genuine effect.

It was random effects but I believe I have now found the bug.

Consider two threads, T1 and T2 writing HTTP/2 response bodies concurrently in 
the same HTTP/2 Connection.

You'll need to have the code in front of you to follow what is going on

The write:;;sdata=p2j7GZ6kDbeWc8%2BqnBGoadjhgV8w%2FcG8YnriPDeV%2F2g%3D&amp;reserved=0

and the associated completion handler;;sdata=UVt7wgZ2GuKML2VUMh%2B58f7sK0cxdS0ZRAOs0gGiasQ%3D&amp;reserved=0

The detail of the code is fairly complex but all you really need to keep in 
mind is the following:

- the writePending semaphore ensures only one thread can write at a time

- the state of the write is maintained in a OperationState instance that is 
stored in SocketWrapperBase.writeOperation (L1390)

- the completion handler clears this state (L1050) and releases the
   semaphore (L1046)

The sequence of events for a failure is as follows:

- T1 obtains the write semaphore (L1366)
- T1 creates an OperationState and sets writeOperation (L1390)
- the async write for T1 completes and the completion handler is called
- T1's completion handler releases the semaphore (L1046)
- T2 obtains the write semaphore (L1366)
- T2 creates an OperationState and sets writeOperation (L1390)
- T1's completion handler clears writeOperation (L1050)
- the async write for T2 does not complete and the socket is added to
   the Poller
- The Poller signals the socket is ready for write
- The Poller finds writeOperation is null so performs a normal dispatch
   for write
- The async write times out as it never receives the notification from
   the Poller

The fix is to swap the order of clearing writeOperation and releasing the 

Concurrent reads will have the same problem and will be fixed by the same 

Fix will be applied shortly.


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