On 7/1/21 07:27, Mohan T wrote:
Dear All,

We are using tomcat 8.5.35 on Linux.

We are getting two session ID for the same Http request.. Similar session ID is 
marked in yellow

This is the session ID in startup JSESSIONID=FFE8F98C012CDB4461FC8E68C109298E
This is the session ID in dispatcher 

Request for any inputs on this

Can you reproduce this yourself? If so, go into your browser and open the "developer tools" and have a look at the cookies for the site.

Check the "path" of the cookie. Browsers identify cookies based upon a number of different metadata fields, including the "path". If you have a JSESSIONID cookie for / and another one for /foo, then both will be sent if you are vising resources at /foo.


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