On 7/2/21 05:28, Konstantin Kolinko wrote:
пт, 2 июл. 2021 г. в 04:04, John Dale (DB2DOM) <jcdw...@gmail.com>:

Doesn't seem to work for me on 9.0.41 (it's an older development box).

I found these interesting:
ow with patch v3:
1. "s=NA" name=asc
2. "s=ND" name=dsc
3. "s=SA" size=asc
4. "s=SD" size=dsc
5. "s=MA" modify=asc
6. "s=MD" modify=dsc

 From here:

Before I get too far down the road, I thought I would reach out.
Params don't seem to affect listing sort order.

It is off by default. I updated the BZ issue to point this out.

Parameter names are a bit different.
E.g. with 9.0.50 (I modified DefaultServer configuration, and using
the examples web app):


My first thought was "holy crap, someone cares about this feature?" :)

John, you're just made my trip to Brussels entirely worth it.


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