On 7/11/21 01:41, Mohan T wrote:
We are using tomcat 8.5 on Suse linux. We would like to know the way
to load a property file.

I put the file in tomcat  / lib folder.

Still I am getting the error

DEBUG 2021-07-11 07:56:15,108 [http-nio-8081-exec-8] 
control.CompositeCacheManager - Instance is null, creating with default config
INFO  2021-07-11 07:56:15,109 [http-nio-8081-exec-8] 
control.CompositeCacheManager - Creating cache manager from config file: 
ERROR 2021-07-11 07:56:15,109 [http-nio-8081-exec-8] 
control.CompositeCacheManager - Failed to load properties for name [/cache.ccf]

Loading files can be done in a lot of different ways. How is the code attempting to load the .properties file?


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