We are in process of assessing HTTP/2 protocol for our Web applications as 
there are lot of benefits it provides over HTTP/1.1 at least theoretically. 
With given settings in tomcat, we are able to switch to HTTP/2 without trouble. 
For us next step is to see what benefits do we get over HTTP/1.1. Certain tools 
we generally used for web application load testing for e.g. jmeter. But, looks 
like most of the tools are not yet fully compliant with HTTP/2.

As I am subscribed to tomcat-dev group, I can see Tomcat team is putting lot of 
efforts on HTTP/2 support.
Now we would like to know,
Does tomcat dev team perform any assessment associated with these protocols ?
Are there any existing utility within tomcat to see any benefits ? Any stats 
available in tomcat ?
Any third party tool to assess performance of HTTP/2 over HTTP/1.1 ?
Generally, for what kind of application you would suggest HTTP/2 over HTTP/1.1 ?

This information will really help us to take decision to move to HTTP/2 with 
more confidence.


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