First, understand that I have even less involvement in development of our mobile apps than I do in the development of our Tomcat webapp. So I'm grasping at straws here. All I know is that the mobile apps work through the webapp.

It seems that at a specific customer installation, when the mobile app (both Apple and Android) tries to access our BIRT-based dashboards, they don't work (the dashboards work fine from a desktop browser). We recently updated that customer from 7.0.93 to 8.5.68, and installed the latest version of our webapp.

The error message that appears on Android is in the form:

The webpage at https://[very long url omitted] could not be loaded because:


I will note that we do have the httpHeaderSecurity filter enabled, with an antiClickJackingOption of SAMEORIGIN.

Does anybody here have any insights that I might pass on to the webapp/mobile team?


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