On Wed, Jul 21, 2021, at 16:35, Mark Thomas wrote:
> I'm reluctant to remove the Expires header from the the 
> securePagesWithPragma branch because that branch is for older HTTP/1.0 
> proxies and I'm not confident that it isn't required for some proxies. 
> I'm not confident it is required either so my default position is to 
> effectively leave it as it is. If someone reports a problem with it with 
> an HTTP/1.0 proxy we can look at it then.

Makes sense.

> For the other branch, I am confident that Cache-Control header will be 
> honoured which means that the Expires header is unnecessary. Since the 
> Expires header is also triggering unnecessary cache validations then I 
> can see a benefit to effectively removing it for that branch.

Sounds good. I guess it's also better the fewer headers Tomcat sets, since
there doesn't seem to be a portable way to remove a single header from a
response, only to replace it.


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