Thanks Chris.

In this case is a bug in the (old version of the) Axis2 library we use to build and run a web service client.

I have upgraded Axis2 and waiting to see if the issue resurfaces.

The idea to use a new thread to manage the session event handles doesn't apply here cause of application constraints and because operations are quite simple.

But thanks for the advice.


Il 26/07/2021 23:15, Christopher Schultz ha scritto:

On 7/23/21 02:20, Ivano Luberti wrote:
I have found the issue: one of the webapps has several thread locked on a MultiThreadedHttpConnectionManager during sessionUnbound and unboundEvents.

So the background process killing the sessions is stuck as well.

This is a very easy problem to encounter. Session event-handlers really need to be bulletproof and execute very quickly.

If you need a long-running process to trigger, use an executor service or something where you can capture the information to be used and off-load it onto another thread. Remember that the session cannot be used after the event-handler completes, so capture whatever information you need from the session FIRST, then dispatch to another thread, then return from the event-handler.


Il 21/07/2021 18:13, Mark Thomas ha scritto:
On 21/07/2021 16:00, Ivano Luberti wrote:

Il 21/07/2021 16:44, Mark Thomas ha scritto:
Take 3 thread dumps 5 seconds apart and post them here.

How to take thread dumps?

  kill -3 <pid> ?

That will work. There are lots of ways. This is most of them:


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