Thanks Mark  :-)

crisb> Is it possible to connect IIS to TC using HTTP instead of AJP?
crisb> Several "Tomcat IIS How-To" articles all mention using AJP
crisb> (not HTTP) using an ISAPI redirector.

markt> In theory, yes. You'd need to find an HTTP reverse proxy component for 
markt> This looks like the sort of thing you'd need:
markt> reverse-proxy-with-url-rewrite-v2-and-application-request-routing
markt> The downside is that you will need to manually configure a lot of the 
markt> AJP does "for free". Correctly configuring a reverse proxy is one of 
markt>  tasks where all sorts of things can catch you out.

Yeah, that looks way more complicated than what I was hoping for.  Talked with 
the sysadmin about it and he agreed, even though he implemented it on at least 
one of our dev servers.  We may roll that back in light of your suggestion 

markt>  I'd probably look at getting IIS to compress the content instead:

That looks better, much less complex and fragile.  I see in the 
"<httpCompression> element in applicationHost.config" that you can specify 
mimeType's - perfect.  We'll see what the SA thinks.

The other option the SA and I talked about was dropping IIS altogether.  ;-)

Cris Berneburg
CACI Senior Software Engineer


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