I have been running tomcat for more than ten years.  Today, I tried to
change VPS providers.  I created a Ubuntu server, added Java 8, and
installed tomcat 9.0.58.  I made no configuration or other changes.  I
simply unzipped tomcat and started it up.

I have no firewall running and I can ssh into the machine.

I cannot connect to tomcat (port 8080) externally.  And, when I attempt to
shutdown tomcat via ./ I get "Connection refused".

I tried the exact same sequence on my old VPS provider.  It worked first

The new provider is one of the top-tier providers.  I shouldn't be having
such a problem.  I have put in a ticket with the provider but I thought
someone on this list might say "did you try X?"

I appreciate any suggestions.


Blake McBride

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