As a completely 'left-field' thought and apologies if this next
statement is completely naive, if I started a clean Maven project,
copied across all the sources for Tomcat and then use NetBeans to add
dependencies as required, could that work? I am willing to give it a
try as I don't need to deploy my development version of Tomcat, I just
need to be able to run it within NetBeans.

Once I have finished any changes, I can export the amended sources to
the downloaded copy from github, re-apply the changes (they will
always be minor!) and then use the ant build script from the CMD to
deploy the finished version so I can test it in place of the release
version I am currently using for my other web development.

Which brings me back to a question raised earlier, confirmation of
which source file it is that launches Tomcat to display the CMD like
monitor as there are 15 "main" entry points within the Tomcat sources.
I am assuming that it is the one in Tomcat.java, which interestingly
has the comment

     * Main executable method for use with a Maven packager.
     * @param args the command line arguments
     * @throws Exception if an error occurs
    public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception {

indicating that perhaps Tomcat has been built using Maven!


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