On 21/02/2022 08:17, Deshmukh, Kedar wrote:

We are consistently seeing error "ERR_HTTP2_PROTOCOL_ERROR" in browser console 
when we try to open any web page deployed on Tomcat 9.0.58 server in test environment. 
This issue is observed only when HTTP/2 is enabled. Otherwise, we do not see any issue 
with HTTP/1.1.
Basically, we are assessing the possibility to switch to HTTP/2, however this 
issue is somehow blocking us.

Enabled HTTP/2 with --> <UpgradeProtocol 

Is there any particular issue with HTTP/2 ?


Any additional configuration required at tomcat side to overcome it?


Enable debug logging for HTTP/2 (see logging.properties), run the simplest test that exhibits the problem and review the logs.

If the issue isn't clear from reviewing the logs, put the log file somewhere we can download it and someone will take a look.


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