I have now got grep working (following a post from another member
indicating that built into git bash!)

> ant download-test-compile

This is useful to know as I didn't run the tests script until later.

> ant download-validate

This didn't report Checkstyle missing - probably as not needed for
actual development. Running Checkstyle using

ant -Dexecute.validate=true validate

did then update the libraries folder

> I doubt you'll need a release build

So do I by the sound of it - I will probably come back to the forum
when looking to commit anything for the first time but I assume that I
will just upload any changes that, once approved, will form part of
the next release. Of course I will be able to benefit from the newly
developed time-delay in the meantime :)

I have passed on your observation "but NetBeans is not taking into
account the isELIgnored="true" page directive" to the NetBeans

> I'd see if you can disable the JSP validation. If it makes you feel better, 
> Eclipse's JSP validation has similar issues.

That has no effect! We can drop the issues over JSP as the NetBeans
community has taken up that baton.

> That is an abstract base class. You won't be able to run it.

Trust me to pick that one! I have only ever written simple unit tests
so not needed to create any abstract classes in my testing, but I
should have spent more time looking into your source and then would
have spotted the 'abstract' keyword!!  In a very weak defence, I tend
to use interfaces rather than abstract classes. Anyway, thanks for the
naming conventions, that will prove time-saving. For good measure, I
ran TestDefaultServlet and that ran the tests successfully.

Thanks for the explanation of the dual 'bin' folders.

> Yes, the Java compiler is smart enough to generate the byte code as if it was 
> generated with Java 11 so you are fine to stick with Java 17 as long as the 
> build version is 11.

I have amended my project options to reflect this and rebuilt the
project to check everything still works - it does!

> Ah. You need to add webapps/examples/WEB-INF/classes as a source folder. That 
> should fix the two issues above.

I must still be missing a link here, I have added that folder to the
list of <folders> elements. I also added it to the <view> since, as
the project references files inside this folder, it seemed applicable
to include it. However, it didn't appear to make any difference - i.e.
NetBeans still couldn't tie the source back to those Java classes.

I have checked that I have typed the paths correctly and I can see the
trailers.ResponseTrailers (& util.CookieFilter) file(s) in the
WEB-APP\classes and visible in the project folders (I assume as added
to <view>) to back-up paths are valid. NetBeans doesn't let me take
any action to try and find the file to resolve the [!], I assume
because it is a free form Ant project and so configuration is
'read-only' once loaded (I would have options in Maven to locate the
missing resource).

I have added my current project.xml and Trailers.ResponseTrailers.jpg
to the DropBox folder in case either of them helps. My only
observation is that, as I can't find a corresponding XSD file for
project.xml, there is another attribute I need to set to indicate that
these are class files in a different folder to the one the other
package files are in, but that seems unlikely.

> I think you mean 8000 for remote debugging but otherwise great. If you can 
> get this working, you are doing really well.

I was using 8080 and appeared to be working although I have not used
it in anger yet. I had amended the catalina.bat line "set
JPDA_ADDRESS=localhost:8080, because I connect to Tomcat using
http://localhost:8080/examples. Your statement concerned me slightly
in that I now believe that I had made a wrong assumption. Anyway, I
amended the catalina.bat back and set NetBeans remote debugging to the
same and it worked as well so I will leave it at 8000. I couldn't find
anything on the web re Port 8000 vs 8080 (apart from "use which one
you want"), but I suspect that, ideally, the debugging communications
should be using a different port to the application otherwise there
may be conflicts but couldn't find anything to back up that

> - Patch file in diff -u format attached to a BugZilla issue
> - GitHub pull request
> Happy to provide pointers for either approval if needed.

Unfortunately,II will now probably have to wait a bit for that. I will
soak the changes to the NetBeans configuration files while I explore
Tomcat, once the webapps/examples/WEB-INF/classes issue is sorted and
(hopefully) the NetBeans community has resolved the other exceptions.
That way, if I discover another missing link, I can incorporate it and
upload all the configuration changes at once to minimise confusion.
However, I am away in a weeks time - 5th March (Snowboarding at
last!), and have to catch up with some other chores / tasks before
getting back on the laptop. Hopefully, we can get these last minor
sticking points resolved prior to the 5th.

Thanks again for your continued patience and valuable insights.


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