On 3/1/22 08:49, Rengaswamy, Nagarajan wrote:
Currently we are running 6 applications in Tomcat version 8.5.70

Our Linux Infra - memory size allocated like Entire memory 3GB, In
that 1.5 GB as Heap size and 512 is for XX:MaxMetaspaceSize.

The numbers above are confusing to me. If you have 1.5GiB heap and .5GiB metaspace then what is 3GiB? Please post your actual memory-related JVM launch options.

Java version as 11. No performance related issue while application
runs in peak load. But when we deploy the any one of the application
while running tomcat, first deploy get success and next deploy is
throwing like "Exception in thread "<app-name>_Worker-3" java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Metaspace"

Do you get this error when you deploy the application the first time, re-deploying an existing (already-deployed) application?

Based on our investigation, heap dump shows _3_ instances of the
ParallelWebappClassLoader consuming more memory which is causing this

I would expect that you would have 6 ParallelWebappClassLoader instances in the heap if you have 6 applications deployed. Are you saying that you have 6 + 3 "extra" instances of that class in the heap?

If so, you have a classloader-pinning leak in /your web application/ that must be fixed. Mark posted a presentation in reply that should be very helpful in diagnosing what's happening with your application.

Currently we are doing server restart before deploy as workaround

Kindly suggest is there any open issue which needs to be addressed by
Apache Software Foundation? or provide solution to overcome this

This is likely to be a problem with your application, not Apache Tomcat.


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