Hi Thomas,

> Another approach is to do remote debugging and step into the class with the 
> error 
> (javax.enterprise.inject.se.SeContainerInitializer.findSeContainerInitializer)
I set an Exception breakpoint on IllegalStateException and this opened the 
class for me to set a breakpoint prior to the exception.

When I retried that, I can see that the ServiceLoader is passed:
  context: sru
  delegate: false
----------> Parent Classloader:

Under loader / resources / classResources, the list includes:
#37 = 
#51 = file:/app/dev/tomcat/webapps/sru/WEB-INF/lib/cdi-api-2.0.SP1.jar
#52 = file:/app/dev/tomcat/webapps/sru/WEB-INF/lib/jersey-cdi2-se-2.34.jar

When I compare this with a breakpoint prior to that exception, deployed on my 
PC, the breakpoint is never reached.

When I set a breakpoint in the ServiceLoader class/load() method on my PC and 
skip through to each pause I can see that it does not get called to find 

I had hoped to compare the ClassLoader passed in to ServiceLoader.load() to 
help pin down the problem. I had not expected an absence of a call to the 

Any further ideas?


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