Hi Team,

We are using tomcat 9.54 version.
Need help in rewriting rule.

background   : We have an Oracle apex server ( version 21.1)  and tomcat is
installed on the same server. We have F5 url which redirects to apex
installed on tomcat  eg https://xyz.ae/apex/f?p=1001
<https://xyz.com/apex/f?p=1001>   so xyz.ae is published on our F5 which
redirects internally to tomcat server on port 8080.

we want to redirect  https://xyz.ae/apex/f?p=1001
<https://xyz.com/apex/f?p=1001>   to
 https://xyz.ae/apex/myapp <https://xyz.com/aorx/myapp>   as it's difficult
for business users to remember f?p=1001 <https://xyz.com/apex/f?p=1001>

i have prepared context.xml and rewrite.config rule but redirection not
working and there is no error in catalina.log

in access log we are getting 404.

i have tried steps mentioned in

rewrite.config content

RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} ^/myapp$
RewriteRule ^/myapp$ https://xyz.ae/apex/myapp [R,L]

please advise how to resolve the issue
Thanks and Regards,

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