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> Von: Mark Thomas <ma...@apache.org>
> Gesendet: Mittwoch, 30. März 2022 10:43
> An: users@tomcat.apache.org
> Betreff: Re: AW: Many IllegalStateException when using http2 protocol
> On 27/03/2022 19:43, Thomas Hoffmann (Speed4Trade GmbH) wrote:
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> > Hello Konstantin and Mark,
> >
> > I could further track down the issue.
> > The stracktrace is not written any more to the log with Tomcat 9.0.18 but
> the client problem still persist.
> > I am also able to reproduce the problem with few tries now.
> >
> > Partly received web pages on client side occur in the following situation:
> > - Connector-Compression is "on" or "force"
> > - Browser is using http2 protocol
> > - Happens since upgrade from Tomcat 9.0.56 to 10.0.16 (didn’t occur
> > with Tomcat 9)
> > - Occurs in Firefox when opening a link by clicking the middle mouse
> > button
> I have tried, and failed, to recreate this.
> > Setting the loglevel to FINE I got the following stacks:
> > https://store1.gofile.io/download/3bc103b0-ecc5-42ac-bedb-
> da53bcdbb6f0/http2.log.txt  (quite long, so I uploaded it to a separate site).
> That file is no longer available. I did look at it a few days ago and all I 
> saw was
> the client resetting multiple streams. It looked like the browser was
> cancelling the request.
> > Is there any helpful information contained?
> > Anything else I can do to help investigating the issue?
> Ideally, we need to be able to repeat this. That means we need the steps to
> recreate the issue from a clean install of the latest version of one of the
> currently supported Tomcat branches.
> The simpler the test, the better. Ideally a single request to one of the web
> applications included in a default Tomcat install. If that isn't possible - 
> then
> the simplest possible web application and the simplest set of requests that
> trigger it.
> Mark

Hello Mark,

thank for your taking a look at the log!
It might be hard to create a simple page which shows the error because it might 
depend on the streams
which are opened in parallel by HTTP2 but I will try.
I will record a wireshark protocol which might show which side is closing the 
TCP connection 
and which parameters are transferred.

As it only happens with compression, maybe some content-length or similar data 
is calculated in the wrong way.

I will upload the old log and the wireshark protocol to a longer lasting 
provider and try to create a simple app.


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