On 5/4/23 16:07, Amit Pande wrote:
We have a similar requirement as mentioned in the below enhancement request.

Is there any plan to add this support in Tomcat in future releases?

Nothing at the moment that I know of.

I thought that markt had looked at this a while back and said it didn't look too difficult. It does require Tomcat to handle the stream directly and not just rely on Java's SSLServerSocket. I thought that had been done at some point, but it may not have. Handling the stream directly may have some other advantages as well, though it definitely makes the code more complicated.

Also, since this was requested long time back and there is no update,
are there any other alternatives to pass the client information from
load balancer to Tomcat in situations where there is no SSL
termination at load balancer?
You mean like a network load balancer where the lb is just proxying bytes and not looking at the data at all? The PROXY protocol really is the best way to do that, honestly.


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