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Hi all,

I'm trying to migrate my servlet previously running on Tomcat 7 for ages, to Tomcat 9.0.36 as per openSuse 15.4, and facing some problem.

The servlet in question is using websocket, basically as a security-enhanced http-friendly replacement of plain-old TCP socket. That is, as a bi-directional binary stream with guaranteed data integrity and ordering.

By default Tomcat usually tries to spread the load over multiple threads as much as reasonably possible. With normal http(s) requests, this all works quite well out-of-the-box in most cases with no substantial drawbacks. Now, websocket is somewhat different. Trying to automatically split incoming websocket data over multiple threads is both useless and harmfull, at least in some specific simple use-cases, because (1) the servlet is not prepared to parallelize incoming commands from the same client connection (it would make no sense due to application logic) so it only adds unnecessary locking burden, and (2) more importantly, it sometimes breaks the ordering of data in incoming websocket stream, because OS thread scheduling is non-deterministic, so some portions might arrive to the servlet in wrong order, from time to time.

There are multiple things that do not make sense in the above paragraph.

Servlets play no role in processing WebSocket data.

Incoming WebSocket frames are processed synchronously on a single thread for as long as there is data to read. Processing may switch to a different thread between messages but that won't change the order in which messages are received on onMessage() is called.

The Jakarta WebSocket specification explicitly states that "In all cases, the implementation must not invoke an endpoint instance with more than one thread per peer at a time"

This all was observed ages ago and for Tomcat 7 a simple fix was found:

replace "Protocol=HTTP/1.1" with "Protocol=org.apache.coyote.http11.http11protocol"

Java class names and XML attribute names are case sensitive. And the quotes are in the wrong place. The above would never have worked. I assume you meant:


which is the deprecated (and removed in 8.5.x) BIO connector.

in respective <Connector> item.
This made Tomcat 7 not spread one connection between multiple threads and all worked just fine then.

Now in Tomcat 9, the "http11protocol" option no longer exists. Instead, there is say "http11NioProtocol". But, it does not disable multithreaded websocket.

Again, case is important. The above values are not correct.

So, my question is, is it possible to somehow prevent multithreading in handling one connection in Tomcat 9?

There is no multi-threading within a single WebSocket connection. It is explicitly not allowed by the Jakarta WebSocket specification and Tomcat follows that rule.

How do I configure that?


You need to fix whatever it is in your application that is causing messages to be processed out of order.


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