On 6/20/23 11:32, Dan McLaughlin wrote:
When I attach with a debugger, I can see what's causing it not to
work.   When the Web Application is started, then
request.getContext(); returns the correct Web Application context, but
when the application is stopped, request.getContext(); returns the
ROOT context, which is up, so the 404 is passed on.  Why would
request.getContext(); return ROOT if that wasn't the requested
context?  Is this a bug?

I know you posted a lot of messages in a short amount of time, and maybe you've moved-on from this question, but..

How does Tomcat know the difference between a request for /foo/bar and /bar/foo if there is a ROOT application and a /foo application? What happens when /foo is stopped, undeployed, etc.? Why *wouldn't* ROOT handle all requests that don't go to another application? URL paths dictate which application handles a particular request, and the ROOT application, by definition, handles requests that don't map to another application.


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