Hi Chris, thank you for your dedication.

We had another Linux server that should have been identical to the one where the problem was occuring. Tested the same software on that without the issue.

So we cloned the latter and replaced the former.

Now everything works as expected.

Before the replacement we tried to find  out any difference between the two servers, especially with regard to JDK and Tomcat installations but to no avail: they looked identical file by file, not only by version. I had supposed the cacert file was corrupted but it was identical to the one on the working machine.

Having found a practical solution we have decided to give up investigating.

Thank you again to you and the other that paid attention to my issue.

Il 26/06/2023 18:50, Christopher Schultz ha scritto:

On 6/8/23 06:10, Ivano Luberti wrote:
Hi, all I have the following problem.


My guess is that looking at the code in this general area would be helpful. If you are able to add debug logging in there to spoit-out some of the crypto configuration being used, I'm sure it would help:


Sorry, I don't think anybody here will be able to help much further without a lot more information.


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