On 6/30/23 06:57, Uday Kumar wrote:

*1. Issue not replicated through integrated tomcat of Spring-boot when the
application was started in IntelliJ IDE*
*2. Issue was replicated by installing Tomcat 9 on my local machine and
building the corresponding war file.*

*In both the above cases, I use the same code and the same HTTP Client (*
*java.net.HttpURLConnection**) for calling other API which is on another

*I even tried using **org.springframework.web.client.RestTemplate *client
for calling other API, but the same observations were seen as mentioned

I'm not sure what else to tell you. When your code makes outgoing HTTP connections, no Tomcat code is involved *at all*. Tomcat does not change any JVM-wide settings. Tomcat does not intercept any outgoing connections for observation, modification, or adulteration.

You should attach a debugger to your process to determine where the Cache-Control header is being added.

It is not being added by Tomcat.


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