Hi Chris,

Yes, I'm aware that JMX may be the easiest method, however to use it means 
modifying the JAVA_OPTIONS as well as having a username and password as well as 
to meet our internal requirements, an ssl certificate for the jmx connection.

What I'm looking for, if possible, is the addition of a connector/valve, 
whatever method, in the server.xml. My thinking would be to have it only 
accessible via localhost and not on the general network. Again, something that 
can query and put the results out for Elastic to ingest and make use of.

Note, still just brainstorming, so I don't have all connections fully made here.


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> Jon,
> On 7/6/23 16:22, jonmcalexan...@wellsfargo.com.INVALID wrote:
> > I have a question which is based around the idea of the new Listeners
> > that are being introduced in the upcoming releases. This is based on
> > something I’ve been thinking on for the last 6 to 9 mos. Would it be
> > possible to have a Listener that could output stats for the Tomcat
> > Instance, similar to what you would see in the Manager application?
> > Not wanting any of the actual Manager functionality, just the status
> > reporting features. Something that could be consumed by Elastic to go
> > into a dashboard showing Instance/Application health? I really don’t
> > want to deploy the Manager Application just to get this type of data.
> >
> > Thanks. I know this is a long shot question and this is where NOT
> > being a developer blows. 😊
> I would do this using JMX from a remote querying agent, at whatever interval
> you want. No Listener required.
> -chris
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