On 2023/07/07 13:44:07 Christopher Schultz wrote:

> When you start Tomcat, do you get a message about /foo/bar being 
> deployed in catalina.out? For example, I get this for every deployment:
> Jul 06, 2023 4:09:33 PM org.apache.catalina.startup.HostConfig 
> deployDirectory
> INFO: Deploying web application directory [/full/path/to/web/application]
> Jul 06, 2023 4:09:39 PM org.apache.catalina.startup.HostConfig 
> deployDirectory
> INFO: Deployment of web application directory 
> [/full/path/to/web/application] has finished in [6,007] ms

In tomcat7 I see that line logged, in tomcat9 I do not.

> Are you seeing that, and does it include (a) the expected path to your 
> application and (b) no errors indicating that deployment has failed?

There are no errors indicating that deployment has failed. In addition, there 
are many expected loglines showing that the application has been initialised 
(various application specific lines that I expect to see).

In short:

- the application is going through all the motions of being deployed 
- no log line appears to say the application was deployed at the expected path.
- all URLs return 404 with no error.

It is failing silently at some point.


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