On 7/12/23 05:08, CHILUKA BHARATH wrote:
The latest Apache Taglibs( jar classes
using javax.servlet.* packages.

Do we have any information w.r.t supporting Jakarta when using this
specific jar ?

If not, is there any plan to release new jars by migrating javax references
to jakarta in Apache Taglibs ?.

This is a very good question.

From what I can tell, the latest release of taglibs (1.2.5) was released back in 2015.

The first question I would have about this is: Does anybody still care about Tomcat STL? Obviously, _you_ care, but is this a project that has simply matured to the point that it no longer needs updates, or has it been abandoned? Olivier did some work back in 2020 -- including a migration from javax.* to jakarta.* -- but there hasn't been any meaningful activity since then.

Bharath, are you able to check-out the "main" branch and build it, and does it work for you? We could simply release what we have currently as a beta and get community feedback. The only question is "what community?" We rarely get questions on the list and I'm not sure how many potential users there are.

Is there a TCK for JSTL? I don't use JSP for any meaningful project myself, and setting-up test-cases to even validate that the basics are working properly will be time-consuming.


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