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Betreff: Re: Tomcat 9.0.76 Memory leak with Java 17


On 7/12/23 07:33, Michael Osipov wrote:
On 2023/07/11 18:16:24 Christopher Schultz wrote:
You should report all of the previous issues to Oracle against their
ORDS version 22.1 and ask them to fix them. It's why you write those
big, fat checks in the first place ;)

This doesn't really matter. I have reported a memory leak in OJDBC
many years ago where a background thread pins the WebappClassLoader.
Answer from Oracle: This happens only once, does not repeat. We won't
address that...
Fair enough, but that doesn't mean it's not worth reporting.

BTW the fine folks at Sun/Oracle and Connector/J are similarly confused
when it comes to ClassLoader pinning in /their/ JDBC driver. I think they had a
few different patches that all waved their hands _still_ failing to actually
understand and fix the problem.


It's not just Oracle JDBC driver.
Same can happen with SQL-Server JDBC driver when you use Kerberos Auth.
Ticket was also closed without a fix.

Yeah, and I think it just comes down to failure to understand the problem.

The problem with Connector/J has always been that they launch a background thread to clean things up. All they have to do is provide a method to "shut down background threads".

I kept getting pushback like "they are daemon threads, they won't keep your JVM running when your application stops" and I was like "hey sometimes the application stops and restarts without shutting down the JVM #webapps" and they were like "what does that even mean CLOSED WONTFIX".


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