Artur wrote:
Hello after the weekend,

Does it mean that mod_jk 1.2.18 is not using flock() function at all ?
With 1.2.18 there is no kernel panic problem. I have written to RedHat support to tell them that this flock() function
could be buggy.

It does use flock(), but maybe with another use pattern. I'm not sure about that.

Do you know when 1.2.22 version is goint to be released ?

Most likely today or tomorrow.

And another question. I have set logging for mod_jk to error level, but it
logs every request and response time, shoudn't only errors be logged ?

Sounds like you are using JkRequestLogFormat, which will additionally (unconditionally) log every request to the mod_jk log file.

Normally response time is sth like 0.0500 or 0.0900 but sometimes it is
10.2345 or 15.2543 or even 90.0456. What can take so much time ?

Add %D to your tomcat access log and check, if the request als take that long on tomcat (which is very likely). If yes, you need to investigate the webapp/tomcat/jvm side.


Mladen Turk wrote:
Artur Różycki wrote:

We are running Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES (v. 4 for AMD64/Intel EM64T) as an Web server with Apache (2.2.4 compiled from sources) connected through mod_jk (1.2.21 compiled from sources) to tomcat server(5.5.17).
This is a kernel bug related to flock
With 1.2.22 we are using fcntl for locking, so it won't be observed.


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