Rob Tanner wrote:

> I downloaded it and also applied the patch to eliminate the "Cannot 
> execute JSVC executor process" error.  

Why didn't you use the sources you already had?

> But here's the catch, and maybe 
> you know the answer.  The machine and the OS (Fedora) are 64bit but the 
> Java runtime is 32bit.  In order for jsvc to  make use of the shared 
> libs, it has to be 32 bit as well.  So, I build it like this:
> And I end up with an ELF 64-bit LSB executable that gets an immediate 
> segmentation fault.
> Any ideas how to build it right.

You could set up a cross-compiler/cross-toolchain that is able to create
32-bit binaries or compile it on a 32-bit machine. Either way, you'll
have to install the 32-bit versions of the dependent libraries as well
(or create a static binary).

But first and foremost: what's the point in running Tomcat in a 32-bit
JVM on 64-bit machine?
Use a 64-bit JVM and save yourself a lot of trouble.


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