Hi Haroon,

the change in the status worker display that you noticed is not directly related to your problem, only so far, as we changed a couple of things around the mount tables.

The good: more information in the status worker.

The ugly: stricter handling of JkMount/JkMountFile etc. with respect to virtual hosts. It should have behaved for a long time in the way, that mounts are not inherited between virtual hosts and also not from the global server to any virtual host.

The debug log statement you cite indicates, that there is no mount known in a virtal host you are using.

So first question: Do you have an VirualHost in your apache httpd configuration?

If so: first find out, which VirtualHost handles your requests. This might be trivial, in some cases it is not trivial. If you are not sure, you can configure a different CustomLog in the global server and for wach VirtualHost and then check, in which CustomLog your request got logged.

Once you know, which VirtualHost handles your request, you can either:

- define all relevant JkMount/JkUnMount/JkMountfile in the VirtualHost


- define them globally and copy all of them into the VirtualHost by setting "JkMountCopy On" inside the virtual host.

In case you have lots of VirtualHost and you want them all to share several JkMounts, put them into the global server and add "JkMountCopy all" to the global server.

I hope that is understandable?



Haroon Rafique schrieb:
On Dec 24 at 4:36pm, RJ=>Rainer Jung <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

RJ> The Apache Tomcat team is pleased to announce the immediate availability
RJ> of version 1.2.26 of the Apache Tomcat Connectors.
RJ> RJ> [..snip..]

So, JK 1.2.26 has been out for over a month and I finally got around to upgrading from 1.2.25 and without changing my mod_jk.conf or workers.properties the connector seems to stop working. In debug mode, I get the following with 1.2.26:

jk_translate::mod_jk.c (3033): missing uri map for haroon.sis.utoronto.ca:/rxp/

With 1.2.26 the Jk Status Manager reports:

Server  URI     Match Type      Source
haroon.sis.utoronto.ca  /rxp/*  Wildchar        JkMount

With 1.2.25:

Match Type      Uri     Source
Wildchar        /rxp/*  JkMount

Obviously the difference is due to this:

* JKStatus: Enhance URI to worker map listing for Apache httpd. We now list maps for all virtual servers and not only the one, in which JKStatus itself was called. (rjung)

Anyone care to share their war stories with 1.2.26?

Here's my configuration files:

# basic worker list

# Define a worker using ajp13


# Load mod_jk module
LoadModule jk_module modules/mod_jk.so

# Where to find workers.properties
JkWorkersFile conf/workers.properties

# Where to put jk logs
JkLogFile logs/mod_jk.log

# Set the jk log level
JkLogLevel error

JkShmFile logs/mod_jk.shm

JkMount /rxp/* local
JkMount /jkstatus status

The same setup works flawlessly with 1.2.25. Spent the last few hours on this and was getting no where.

Thanks in advance,
Haroon Rafique

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