David Smith-2 wrote:
> I can't speak for the OP, but as a long time Mac user, I know TextEdit's 
> default output is richtext.  It's a really annoying behavior of 
> TextEdit.  The OP should use either vi (if they're brave or have 
> experience in it) or a developer IDE like NetBeans or Eclipse to write 
> the initial file.  After that I believe TextEdit can be used and will 
> leave the file as text on future saves.
> --David

NetBeans and Eclipse are heavyweight IDEs and both require that you create a
project before you can edit any files. They aren't very convenient for just
editing random text files. If you're comfortable with the command line there
are vi, emacs, joe, nano, and others. If you're accustomed to graphical
tools, TextMate is good, but it's $60. There are probably free ones

It's kind of weird that Macs don't come with a normal GUI text editor.


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