Sorry for not providing an update sooner.  I disabled the APR and the
problem went away.

On 2/12/09, Christopher Schultz <> wrote:
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> Yuval,
> On 2/12/2009 3:12 AM, Yuval Perlov wrote:
>> I actually upgraded from mod_jk 1.2.26 to 27 to try and make the problem
>> go away.
> Ha! Okay. Sorry for a bad tip. ;)
> So, I'm definitely not going to be able to help you from here on out,
> but I know that folks like Rainer and Mladen could use some more
> information, so I'll go ahead and ask for some.
>> The mixup occurs only in tomcat originated data - the static stuff
>> coming from httpd stays fine.
> Good to know.
>> Moreover, in the past I had it setup so the static stuff came from
>> tomcat as well. This naturally resulted in significantly more hits
>> between apache and tomcat which made the problem appear much faster
>> (hence my theory that some resource is being depleted over time).
> Is this something you can reproduce reliably in a test environment? Does
> it require heavy load in order for this behavior to manifest itself? Or,
> is it just after 5M requests everything goes to hell? I'm wondering if
> concurrency is the problem or maybe something silly like logging or
> maintaining worker status that somehow corrupts something.
> It's very odd that responses would be crossed. I don't think any of that
> stuff is shared between threads/processes in mod_jk/httpd, but I suppose
> when you overwrite memory (which is the only explanation I can think
> of), you can't really expect the program to operate properly.
> Oh, are you using worker or prefork MPM?
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