I'm trying to implement a session listener so that I can check the
status of a session.  Essentially, I need to maintain a Map of all the
sessions.  I would add sessions to this map based on business logic.

The problem I have is that the behavior of the listeners is different
when clustering is enabled compared to when it's not enabled.

Without clustering on, an instance of HttpSessionActivationListener in
each session has it's didActivate or willPassivate functions called
when Tomcat is shutting down or starting up.

With clustering on, I get no such notifications. Or any other
notifications when a node starts up and loads it's sessions from the
cluster.  But I do notice through a HttpSessionListener, every single
session gets destroyed when shutting down a node.

So when clustering is enabled, there is no way for me to rebuild a
list of sessions that are being managed.

This is on Tomcat 5.5.27.

Anyone else hit this problem?  Anyone else have any ideas on how to
work around it?



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