Thanks a lot it seems I also need to do the same.

Ningappa Koneri
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Many thanks Pid,

Your solution seems very reasonable. I will fulfill your advice.

Best Regards,

Pid wrote:
> On 01/09/2009 08:58, Suleyman Akpinar wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I have a java web application running on tomcat and I get java heap
>> space not enough error temporarily. Each time I am increasing the JMV
>> heap option by modifying the system variable CATALINA_OPTS. However,
>> this solves the problem temporarily. I get the same error when I work
>> for some more weeks on the development of the application.
>> Can anybody help me solve the problem?
> You probably have a memory leak in your application.
> The first thing to check thoroughly, and I do mean thoroughly, is that
> you are properly closing all database connections and related objects.
> Don't assume that you have done so - check every location in the code
> carefully.
> Depending on which OS & JVM version you have, (you didn't say - so we
> have to guess), there are tools you can use to examine the
> application's state and memory consumption.
> Google "memory leak", "jmap" and "thread dump"
> p
>> Thanks in advance.
>> Suleyman
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