Caldarale, Charles R schrieb:

I would probably deploy the app, grab the extracted second_world.xml,
put it under version control

Why not just start out with the <Context> element under version
control?  No need to even have it in the .war file if you're always
going to override it.

Right. I just imagined being a Tomcat admin receiving an alien WAR
without source, but with its particular context.xml - and having to
deal with it, and possible successor versions.

<Home name="alpha" ...>

The <Alias> elements aren't needed.  If you just have a single <Host>
- which must be the defaultHost for the <Engine> - all requests go
there regardless.  It's only when you have multiple <Host> elements
that the name attribute and any <Alias> elements come into play.

That makes sense. Thanks!

Michael Ludwig

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