Tomcat 6.0.20 using DBCP DataSource
Java 1.6.0_16
Oracle 10g with RAC.

I've got two Oracle RAC nodes, mirroring each other.  My current fail-over
method if the primary node fails is to shut down the web servers, reconfigure
them to use the secondary node and restart the web servers.  Not pleasant.

I'm thinking I can make a "FailOverDataSource" that implements DataSource
and wraps around DataSource's for each of the two nodes. Its getConnection() method would try to use the getConnection() from the primary node, and if that
fails, it would try the secondary node.  Repeat logic for other DataSource
methods. Instant automagic fail-over. I've actually written it, and it seems to get a hold of both DataSource's fine. I can't kill the primary on an active
busy system to do a "real" test though.

I'm thinking I can't be the first person to think of this. Are there any obvious
problems with this idea?

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