I've got an application where I need to keep track of all the active
user sessions.  Using both the HttpSessionActivationListener +
HttpSessionListener interfaces seemed like an easy way to be able to
keep track of all sessions.

The issue I've come across is that HttpSessionActivationListener
sessionDidActivate is not called when a node is started up and joins
or rejoins the cluster so that node loses track of all the existing

The issue is the same on both Tomcat 6.0.24 and 5.5.28.

Searching the archives seem seem to turn up the same issue (in fact a
post from me nearly a year ago when I had the same problem but forgot

I did find an existing bug report, but it was marked fixed way back in 2005.


I tried the same configuration as posted there, but still got the same results.

Anyone got this working or have any suggestions on how to work around
this issue?



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