Sorry forgot to mention, it's apache tomcat 6.0.20.

Ningappa Koneri
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On 16 March 2010 10:02, Ningappa Koneri <> wrote:

> Dear All,
> I have an issue with tomcat 6


> which is deployed under RHEL3 with JDK5


> , the problem is tomcat is taking hell lot of time in deploying the war
> files when started.
> It's so busy that not responding back with home page also, what could be
> the problem ?
> How long is "hell lot"?  The log message should tell you "Tomcat started in

What's the spec of the machine on which you're running Tomcat?  How much
heap and permspace have you allocated to the Java virtual machine in which
Tomcat is running, and how much memory is it using?  (top will tell you how
much memory it's using; it will be more than heap+permspace due to other
operating system structures)

Is the machine busy during all this time?  If so, what is the limiting
factor - disk i/o, memory or CPU?  Run top to get an idea of CPU usage,
vmstat (I use "vmstat 5" until I have a better idea) to get an idea of disk

How large is the war file?  If you unzip the war files (a war file is just a
zip file with a different extension) on the same machine, how long does it

Lots of questions, but we need more information to be able to answer.

- Peter

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