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On 3/26/2010 12:43 PM, Cyrille Le Clerc wrote:
> I have proposed with bugzilla 48998 a port of Apache mod_expires in
> Java as ExpiresFilter Servlet Filter.


> I detailed a standalone version of this filter on
> http://code.google.com/p/xebia-france/wiki/ExpiresFilter . Moreover, I
> tried my best to provide very detailed javadocs and docs (in filter.html).
> The proposed contribution is slightly different than the standalone
> one because it uses Tomcat logging, few Servlet 3 enhancements and
> Tomcat engine in the test cases.

I read-through your code on code.google.com and I can see a couple areas
where I think improvements might be made:

- - In getExpirationDate, you check for the local 'configuration' being
null several times in a row. In each case, the configuration may be set
given a different 'level' of configuration. If the configuration gets
set, several checks must still be made to see if it is null. You could
mail out early and avoid some of these checks like this:

if(configuration == null) {
  configuration = ...;

  if(configuration == null) {
    // try another strategy
    configuration = ...;

    if(configuration == null) {

I think can save a bit of CPU time without much in the way of code

- - You might be able to wrap the Response class and check for the setting
of the Content-Type header, instead of wrapping the response in order to
intercept the first buffer flush to the client. Do you think that would
work? It certainly would remove a lot of complexity from your code.

- -chris
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