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On 3/27/2010 9:07 PM, Patrick Flaherty wrote:
> There is only a 32 bit JVM on the machine. The bridge dll has not been
> recompiled since
> mid '08.  If it was an incompatibility with the Microsoft Runtime
> Library wouldn't you expect
> the Service Version to do the same ?

It's possible that different libraries are being picked-up in the two
different environments (system service vs. your own account). Is this
the file you expected to get?


>>>> If you look at the code you will see I try to create a file on the
>>>> root of the C drive (remotedebug.txt) and
> The file does get created via the Service but not standalone, weird.
> If it was crashing as a result of the file creation, would you expect
> to see the CPPinit at the top of the stack trace ?

I see your Java method cppInit at the top of the stack trace, but I
can't tell what is happening once your library is running. RRBridge.dll
appears twice on the stack in the backtrace with no debugging
information, but you can at least tell that your DDL is calling itself
at some point.

Your file won't get created at all given this line:

    //FILE *fp = fopen("C:\\remotedebug.txt", "at");

...but your cppInit method does make these calls (presumably to other
functions in your library):

RSWP_DBL (looks like a macro)

What debugging information gets emitted before the crash? Is your debug
logger set to auto-flush? If not, you could be missing crucial logging
information that occurred just before the crash.

- -chris
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