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On 3/28/2010 11:53 PM, dale77 wrote:
> what is the procedure for upgrading to the latest point release of tomcat 6
> on windows?
> We are on 6.0.18 running tomcat as a windows service. What is the
> recommended procedure for upgrade?
> Does the current windows installer do the right thing to in-place upgrade
> 6.0.18 to 6.0.26? Or is this an uninstall, reinstall thing?

I don't believe Tomcat's Microsoft Windows installer does "upgrades". I
don't run on Microsoft Windows, but this procedure should generally get
you going:

0. Shut-down your old Tomcat instance.

1. Install the new version of Tomcat into a separate directory from the
old one, and have the installer install the service for you.

2. Copy your webapps from old_tomcat\webapps\* to new_tomcat\webapps.
   Copy any old_tomcat\conf\[service]\[host]\*.xml files to

3. If this really is a point-release change, you can probably get away
   with copying conf/server.xml, conf/catalina.policy,
   conf/logging.properties, and anything else you need from the conf
   directory into new_tomcat\conf. You may consider starting over with
   a new server.xml and merging-in any changes from the old one ...
   typically you should only be configuring <Connector>s and any
   clustering you need in server.xml: all webapps should have been
   taken care of in step #2.

4. Copy any custom libraries that you put into old_tomcat\lib to
   new_tomcat\lib. This would be where your JDBC driver usually lives
   and maybe other shared libraries.

5. Start the newly-installed service and check everything out.

Hope that helps,
- -chris
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