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i am installing certificate chain on tomcat 6.x (JRE 1.6). From my CA I have
     private key (PEM),
     identity cert (PEM)  (CA X trusts myhost)
    and a cert chain file (PEM file) (entrust trusts CA X)

The cert chain is: (entrust) === trusts ==>  (CA X) == trusts ==>  myhost

I have converted the private  key and identify cert into DER form
and have imported into /etc/keystore (tomcat's keystore).
I have imported the certificate chain PEM file into

when I login to tomcat i get warning that certificate
      myhost isused by CA X is not trrusted.

It seems like browser does not get full cert chain (entrust =>  CA X =>
what could I be doing wrong? pl help.




You may want to take a look at Comodo's documentation for Tomcat.


It shows how to easily install a trusted certificate for use with Tomcat (and most Java based Web Servers). I've used this documentation quite a few times and it has always been spot on.

You may want to view the contents of the keystore: keytool -v -list -keystore KEYSTORE_FILE; to see what is missing. Tomcat should have the Intermediate Cert(s) and the Entity/Domain Cert inside the keystore.

Hope this helps!

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